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ADMIRAL ZOZULIA large ASW ships (project 1134) (1967 - 1969)

Sevastopol 1974

Admiral Zozulia 1979

Vitse-admiral Drozd 1979

Vitse-admiral Drozd 1990

Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comm Fate
Адмирал Зозуля <Admiral Zozulia>   791 Zhdanov Yd, Leningrad 26/7/1964 17/10/1965 8/10/1967 stricken 7/1994
Владивосток <Vladivostok>   792 Zhdanov Yd, Leningrad 24/12/1964 1/8/1966 1/8/1969 stricken 1/1991
Вице-адмирал Дрозд <Vitse-admiral Drozd>   793 Zhdanov Yd, Leningrad 26/10/1965 18/11/1966 27/12/1968 stricken 7/1990
Севастополь <Sevastopol>   794 Zhdanov Yd, Leningrad 8/6/1966 28/4/1967 25/9/1969 stricken 12/1989


Displacement standard, t


Displacement full, t


Length, m


Breadth, m


Draught, m


No of shafts



2 TV-12 geared steam turbines sets, 4 KVN-98/64 boilers

Power, h. p.


Max speed, kts


Fuel, t


Endurance, nm(kts)



2 x 2 P-35 SSM (4 4K44), 2 x 2 M-1 Volna-M SAM (64 V-601(4K91)), 2 x 2 - 57/50 AK-725, 2 x 5 - 533 TT, 2 x 12 RBU-6000 Smerch-2 ASWRL, 2 x 6 RBU-1000 Smerch-3 ASWRL, helicopter deck for 1 Ka-25


MR-500 Kliver, MR-310 Angara-A, Uspekh-U, Volga, 2x Yatagan, MR-103 Bars radars, MG-312M Titan, MG-311 Vychegda sonars, MI-110R radiation wake detector, MI-110K thermal wake detector, 2x Gurzuf, 2x Gurzuf-1, MRP-15-16 Zaliv, MRP-11-12, MRP-13-14 ECM suites, 2x PK-2 decoy launchers, Planshet-1134 CCS



Ship project history: These four ships were the remnant of a large anti-ship rocket-cruiser (RKR) programme, slopped when Soviet priorities shifted to ASW. Alltough the ships were still armed with P-35 anti-ship missiles, they were reclassified BPK (large ASW ships). The programme initially called for a brigade of seven heavy ASuW ships (armed with long-range missiles) plus two brigades (fourteen ships) of light ASuW ships (armed with shorter-range missiles). All were designated project 934: the light-missile ships were 934A. Khrushchev rejected a I proposed flagship version, presumably 934K, but did not change the numbers (which would have amounted to a leader plus three pairs of ships).

    The main battery was to have been a new ramjet Bazalt missile, which was considered four ones as effective as the slower P-35. Unfortunately development was protracted, and P-35 had to be substituted. Compared to project 58, this class showed increased emphasis on self-defence, with a second Volna SAM launcher and twin 57mm guns. For the first time in Soviet practice, the targeting helicopter aft was provided with a hangar.

    The abortive Project 934K would have been a stretched hull with an enlarged helicopter deck aft (about twice the length and width of the deck actually used), accommodating five helicopters (mainly to data-link beyond the horizon to other ships of the attack group). Armament would have matched that of Project 934.

    The effect of the shift to ASW was to redesignate the first four ships and to stop construction of other ships of the series while they were heavily modified.

Modernizations: early 1970s, all: - 2 x 2 P-35 SSM (4 4K44); + 2 x 2 Progress SSM (4 4M44)

1970s, all: + Don radar (2nd)

1974, Admiral Zozulia: + MR-212 Vaygach radar

1976, Vitse-admiral Drozd; 1991, Admiral Zozulia: + 4 x 6 - 30/54 AK-630, 2x MR-123 Vympel-A radars

Naval service: No significant events.

Vitse-admiral Drozd 1976


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