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Volume II is ready! (04.12.2022 10:09 MSK)

Paperback version:

Hardcover version:

The second book in the 'Navypedia. Fighting ships of the world since 1990' series contains information about ships, vessels and boats of the navies and paramilitary maritime organizations of 39 countries (in alphabetical order from Denmark to Italy) that were in service, under construction or ordered from 1990 to 2022. The second volume contains 1108 articles on the classes of ships, containing information on the dates of construction, commissioning and decommissioning, performance characteristics, modernizations, and other information that allows you to get information in a compressed form about the combat qualities of ships and the composition of the navies in the period under review. The illustrations for the articles contain 550 side views on 1:1250 and 1:625 scales. Additional information is provided on the composition of aviation and marines, bases, and the activity of the navies in question.