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Levasseur P.L.4 reconnaissance plane


Modification Purpose Deliveries Number of commissioned Discarding Differences from the previous modification
P.L.4 recon 1928 - 1931 39 1933 3 seats, Lorraine 12Eb engine (450 hp)




Wing span, m


Length, m


Height, m


Wings area, m2


Empty mass, kg


Full flying-off mass, kg

Engine 1 Lorraine 12Eb
Power, h. p. 450
Maximal speed, km/h  
Cruise speed, km/h  
Flying range, km  
Vertical speed, m/s  
Maximal altitude, m  
Complement 3
Armament 2 x 7.7 Vickers MG?


Ivan Gogin, 2009